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Digital Marketing

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id8 Media Solutions – A complete digital marketing solutions

id8 media solutions, is a 360 degree digital marketing agency based in New Jersey, USA and provides comprehensive digital solutions and online advertising services in USA.


We provide full range of online marketing and advertising services to variety of brands. As a best digital agencies in NJ, we offer full website solutions which includes website design and development , search engine optimization (SEO) , pay per click (ppc) and social media marketing.


Internet marketing has greatly been improved in recent years and is very important in all the industries whether it is heath and beauty, real estate, education, film, media, jewellery etc. We are a fast growing team of digital marketing professionals who have been working with big brands and do handle online strategies with creative ideas.


Our wide range of services ranging from public relations to creative and advertising to event management and many more. Everything you need is online marketing to expand your services and business and make your website more visible to your targeted audience.


As a leading digital marketing company in New Jersey USA, id8 media solutions provide end-to-end web services and solutions. Beginning right from understanding the business requirements to evaluate the technical and functional aspects of your business.


Contact us now if you are looking to expand your business at another level and to improve your website performance in search engines with online marketing strategies.

What We Do

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social media marketing is today’s fastest growing channel to reach out to your potential target audiences to create long lasting relationships on a daily basis. We like to think of it as your very own brand publication that allows you or your brand to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Showcasing your content to your audience allows you to create an ecosystem of influence that brings out a deep understanding of your customer’s preferences, thereby allow your brand sales to flourish that create meaningful opportunities for your business and accelerate growth.

Millions of users come online everday and it is our AIM is to carve a niche for you where customer stickiness becomes a reality and top mind brand recall a successfully achieved goal. Our expertise give you access to an expansive ecosystem, that allows you explore every facet of the social media marketing mix, thereby creating opportunities to engage your target audience at every touch point of the customer’s digital life cycle. From mobile device penetration, in app advertising to native social media advertising and many more, we aspire to maximize your brand visibility effectively.

Sharing content with millions of followers is not the only benefit of social media, we utilize your social assets as sounding boards to increase your website traffic and search engine rankings, thereby amplifying your chances to gain new customers over your competitors and support your SEO efforts.

Our 360 approach to brand building gives your brand the necessary vitamins grow both online and offline. Here are a few benefits that your brand can reap through social media marketing.

Benefits of SMM:

  • A grand showcase of your USP’s and expertise
  • An opportunity to become an opinion leader
  • Create brand awareness with minimal effort to a global audience
  • Increase your digital footprint and maximize brand exposure
  • Increase your website rankings via social connections
  • Connect and engage with targeted audiences on a personal level
  • Create PR relationships online and offline
  • Create customer stickiness
  • Enhance company trustworthiness
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Expand sales

Why id8 media solutions?

With over a decade of experience coupled with the aspiration to be the best digital marketing agency, we at id8 media solutions create result driven strategies. Our dynamic team of SMM experts work with you to define your business goals to ensure long lasting results through customized social media optimization techniques.

We also offer public relations , creative and advertising, search engine optimization , web design and development , event management and marketing services.

Please feel free to know more about our services and get in touch with us at

Scope of Work

Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Google & Facebook Ads
Online Marketing Campaigns
Interactive Demos
Electronic Newsletters
Online Press Kits
Contests and competitions to increase ROI,
Fan pages and Web linkages