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Aman Swetta

Aman Swetta

Aman Swetta


Joint Managing Director


Independent. Innovative. Influencer.


The brilliant and awespiring face of the house, Aman Swetta took the joint management control of id8 in the year 2008 along with wife Tanya Swetta- the founder. Aman, who previously ran his own production and design enterprise, had the foresight and business intelligence that led him to extend new arms under the same umbrella including Design, Digital Marketing, Filming, Production, Event Management, Graphic & Visual Communication and a diverse range of other offerings to evolve ID8 as an integrated consulting agency. Aman has pursued acting, film making & script writing from top institutes across the world. He has launched a well known production house in the cinema industry i.e; Gogi Entertainment, scripting, co directing and acting in a spiritual Bollywood film alongside India’s leading bollywood actors. An eye for the extraordinary, he unearths creative elements of a brand and leverages them to bridge the communication gaps. He closely serves the brand communication continuum and makes sure each venture is carried out responsibly.


He believes that alignment results from shared goals and collaboration results from shared measures of success. Featured in a premium magazines, he is known in the industry for his expertise in Graphic & Visual Communication, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Budget Forecasting, Brand Development, Process Optimization, Influencing & Negotiating tactics and a range of different business skills including developing successful IPs for the company. Always on the outlook for innovation and delivering the best, Aman is an influencer and a motivator who sees the future of Marketing and Communication to be an integrated process. Under his watch, he helped brands from Real Estate, Technology, Finance, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Retail and many other verticals with his strategic and innovative acumen.


In today’s fragmented communication landscape, he believes in the mantra that ‘It is not about the marketing flavor of the week, the key lies in how well you connect with people and communicate your ideas back to them with an integrated approach which helps them strengthen the bottom line’. His solution driven attitude has been instrumental in some of the most successful businesses in the industry including the top 500 fortune brands on the list. Aman is the outward-facing futurist for id8 who offers his expertise to prestigious brands in India and is now set to expand the id8 sphere to New York.


With the wind behind their back, the Joint Managing Directors Tanya & Aman Swetta synchronize id8’s operations with a great passion & technical know how and constantly encourage a forward momentum to brands across the globe.


Connect with Aman Swetta on  / +12017242214